I want to do the best work I can do.
I want to be the best person I can be.
I want to give more than I take.
I want to build beautiful things.
I want to create my own world.
I don’t want to judge.
I don’t want to hate.
I don’t want to get stuck in the past.
I want to remember:
  • I, and everyone I know, will die.
  • Everything is a gift.
  • Everything is iterative.
  • Design is not a job, it’s a tool.
  • My phone is a temporary feature, don’t spend my life on it.
I want hope.
I want justice.
I want be at peace.
I want to seek the truth.
I want to know love.
I want to be love.
Be human

Be yourself
Consider the bigger picture
Consider the cost
Is it worth saying?
Say it for yourself
Think before you speak
Think about what your thinking
Tell the truth
Eliminate the unnecessary
Confront uncertainty
Only trust those who make things you love
Remind yourself daily: you will die
Let go of control
Love yourself
Love your neighbor